Annual reports

Annual report 2000 - Preface and table of contents

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 1: Prudential supervision in the banking sector

1. Developments in the banking sector in 2000
2. Movements in own funds and in the solvency ratio
3. Other significant events during the year
4. Changes to the legal and regulatory framework
5. Prudential supervision

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 2: Supervision of undertakings for collective investment

1. Developments in 2000
2. Newly created entities approved in 2000
3. Movements in subfunds mainly investing in the "new economy"
4. Supervisory practice

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 3: Supervision of pension funds

1. Review of the first pension funds
2. Future developments : a European context marked by the recent draft pension funds directive
3. Fine-tuning the Luxembourg legal framework
4. Principles underlying the prudential approach

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 4: Supervision of other financial sector professionals (FSP)

1. Movements in financial sector professionals in 2000
2. FSPs subject to permanent supervision by the CSSF
3. FSPs not subject to permanent supervision by the CSSF
4. Freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services for FSPs

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 5: Supervision of securities markets

1. Supervision of stock exchanges
2. Monitoring of information published by companies admitted to official listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange
3. Supervision of securities markets : the TAF project
4. Surveys conducted by the CSSF in its supervision of securities markets

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 6: Customer complaints

Analysis of customer complaints handled during 2000

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 7: International co-operation - CSSF involvement in international groups

1. Co-operation within European Institutions
2. Multilateral co-operation

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 8: Banking and financial regulations and legislation

1. List of proposals for directives under discussion at Council level
2. List of directives adopted by the European Parliament and the Council but not yet implemented under national legislation
3. Other draft laws submitted
4. Laws passed in 2000
5. Regulations concerning stock exchange activities
6. Circulars issued in 2000
7. Circulars in force (as of 21 March 2001)

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 9: Specific studies

1. Analysis of the performance of Luxembourg investment funds during 2000
2. The provision of financial services by Internet

Annual report 2000 - Chapter 10: Organisation of the CSSF

1. Personnel
2. Information Technology department
3. Staff members


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