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Jobs and Careers  

In order to efficiently supervise the financial sector, the CSSF needs competent staff with a background in law, economics or finance, eager to take on jobs involving multiple responsibilities.

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Please note that several recruitment notices are only available in French or in German.


Supervision of Investment Firms

Economist/Legal expert (m/f)

Economist/Legal expert specialised in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing ("AML/CFT") (m/f)


On-Site Inspection

AML/CFT on-site inspectors (m/f) - (Internal Auditor/External Auditor/Compliance Officer)

Erfahrener Vor-Ort Prüfer (m/w) - Vor-Ort Prüfungen im Bereich "ad hoc"

Prüfer im Bereich Corporate Governance (m/w) - (Internal Auditor/Compliance Officer/Risk Manager)

MiFID on-site inspectors (m/f) - (Internal Auditor/External Auditor/Compliance Officer/Risk Manager)

Depositary Bank on-site inspectors (m/f) - (Internal Auditor/External Auditor/Risk Manager)

Experienced on-site inspector (m/f) - (Internal Auditor/External Auditor/Compliance Officer)

Corporate Governance on-site inspectors (m/f) - (Internal Auditor/External Auditor/Compliance Officer/Risk Manager)

Banking Risks on-site inspectors (m/f) - (Internal Auditor/External Auditor/Risk Manager)


Information Security

Data Protection Officer - DPO (m/f)


Risk Management

Business Continuity Manager (BCM) (m/f)


General Secretariat

Communication expert (m/f)


Information Systems of the CSSF (IT)

Linux Expert (m/f)

Microsoft Expert (m/f)

IT analyst (m/f) 

Network/Security Engineer (m/f)

DevOps Engineer (m/f)

IBM FileNet Administrator (m/f)

IBM FileNet FileNet Analyst/Developer (m/f)


Supervision of Banks

Line Supervisor (m/f)


UCI Departments

Administrative agent (m/f)

Analysts of the authorisation and supervision of investment fund managers (m/f)

Analysts of the supervision of AIFs as well as SIFs and SICARs not qualified as AIFs (m/f)

Analysts of the authorisation of AIFs as well as SIFs and SICARs not qualified as AIFs (m/f)

Analysts of AIFs as well as SIFs and SICARs not qualified as AIFs (m/f)

On-site inspection - Auditors/Compliance Officers (m/f)

On-site inspection - Prüfer/Compliance Officer (m/f)

On-site inspection - Auditors/Compliance Officers LBC/FT (m/f)

Experienced investment fund supervision analysts (experienced external auditor, réviseur d'entreprises, financial analyst etc.) (m/f)

Investment fund risk analysts (m/f)

Investment fund risk specialists - International Affairs (m/f)

Investment fund risk on-site inspectors (m/f)

Information managers (m/f)

IT analyst specialised in investment funds (m/f)

Economist/Legal expert (m/f)

Advanced Java/Web Developer (m/f)

Legal experts (m/f)  


Department Innovation, Payments, Market Infrastructures and Governance

Economists/Legal experts (m/f)

EMIR Analyst/Supervisor (m/f)

CSDR Analyst/Supervisor (m/f)


Supervision of Specialised PFS

Economist (m/f) 


Supervision of Information Systems and Support PFS

Economist (m/f)


Legal Department "Consumer Protection/Financial Crime"

Legal expert/Economist - Division 2 (m/f)


Banking Supervisory Policy and Single Supervisory Mechanism Coordination (SSM)

Several economists (m/f)



Economists (m/f)




How to apply

For job applications, please send your application file with reference number of the position you are applying for to:


Documents to be provided  

The application file must include:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae;
  • A letter of motivation;
  • A copy of the ID card;
  • A copy of the diploma(s) and/or certificates required for the requested education. 

For a position requiring a university degree:

For a position requiring a high school diploma:


Incomplete or incorrect files (for example, a diploma that does not correspond to that required or being a non-EU national) will not be processed. 

Before joining the CSSF, the candidate must provide an extract of the criminal record not older than two months.

The candidate may be excluded from the recruitment procedure based on the elements included in the criminal record, depending on the number, severity and date of the convictions registered.


Status of the CSSF Agents 

The selected candidate (m/f) will be recruited as employé de l’Etat (State employee) under an open-ended employment contract. If the candidate fulfils the applicable conditions, s/he will have the opportunity to apply for the status of fonctionnaire (civil servant).

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