This section provides regularly updated basic statistics on the banking and the undertakings for collective investment sectors, as well as on the sector of the other professionals of the financial sector.

The sub-heading “Banks” presents aggregate data on balance sheets, results, own funds, personnel, geographic origin and the number of banks established in Luxembourg.

The sub-heading “UCI” presents aggregate statistics regarding the number of funds and active sub-funds, the net assets under management, the geographic origin of the promoters and the investment policy of Luxembourg UCIs.

The sub-heading “PFS” presents aggregate statistics on balance sheets, results and the number of PFS established in Luxembourg and their break-down according to categories.


The sub-heading "Employment" presents updated figures on employment in banks, PFS and management companies.

These statistics are based on the financial data that the supervised entities have to periodically transmit to the CSSF. Despite the particular attention attached to the publication of these figures, the CSSF points out that an a posteriori rectification is necessary in the event of entities modifying the previously provided data.

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