Examination of professional competence

The examination of professional competence aims at verifying the candidate's capacity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired, beforehand and during the professional training period, to the practice of the statutory assignments of the réviseur d'entreprises (statutory auditor).




The examination consists of an annual session organised between September and November.

The opening and closing dates for the annual session are set by the CSSF and the examination jury and are notified to the candidates via the press (Luxemburger Wort) and by publishing the practical details on the CSSF website.

The candidates subject to partial referral during the ordinary session are summoned individually for the extraordinary session.



In order to register for the examination, the candidate who has been a trainee for at least three years at the closing date of the ordinary session must send to the CSSF via mail:

  • where applicable, originals of the administrative certificates regarding the ECTS study points to be completed (to be submitted three months prior to the registration for the examination);
  • the copy of the complementary training certificate of the University of Luxembourg or the copy of the Master in Audit of the University of Luxembourg which includes the same subjects;
  • a letter stating the nature of the engagements during the traineeship as well as the targeted sectors.

The registration for each test of the examination is authorised by decision of the CSSF.



The examination consists of two separate parts:

  • a written examination: 50% of the marks;
  • an oral examination: 50% of the marks.

The written test and the oral test are independent from each other and may be taken during one and the same session or during different sessions.


The written test of the examination is composed of one or several practical questions relating to one or several subjects with regard to statutory audits of réviseurs d'entreprises (statutory auditors) and which aims at verifying the candidate's ability of normative reasoning.


The oral test consists in ensuring the candidate's ability to answer questions on the practice of the profession, on statutory assignments and the responsibilities of the réviseur d’entreprises (statutory auditor).


The candidate must obtain at least 40% of the marks in order to validate the test. The candidate's marks are valid for six years or s/he may decide to take a new test, in which case his/her previous marks become invalid.


The candidate may take each test up to four times at the most. If s/he fails four times at the same test, s/he will be excluded from the examination.


In order to pass the examination, the candidate must obtain at least 40% of the marks in each test and 50% of the total marks.


The CSSF notifies the decisions of the jury to the candidates by mail. Successful candidates can obtain the title réviseur d'entreprises (statutory auditor)" and may request their approval immediately. They will receive their diploma subsequently.



Trainee "réviseurs d'entreprises"


CSSF's decision on the appointment of the members of the jury for the examination of professional competence of réviseurs d'entreprises (only in French)