Attestations request through eDesk application - 15.05.2018

PRIIPs declarations - 01.07.2019

Brexit Notifications - 02.08.2019

Authorisation of a new SICAR  - 01.10.2019


Conversion of a fund into a SICAR not yet registered on the official list

Conversion of an existing fund into a SICAR - 07.11.2019



AML/CFT investment fund market entry form - 24.03.2020

Identification form of the responsible for compliance with AML/CFT requirements - 02.04.2020

Identification form of the responsible for the control of AML/CFT requirements - 02.04.2020

Commitment Letter - Fund confirmation of AML/CFT compliance for distribution channels - 25.02.2020

Commitment Letter RR - annex to Market Entry Form - 02.04.2020


EMIR questionnaire

UCI EMIR questionnaire - 17.01.2019


BMR questionnaire

Benchmark Regulation questionnaire - 31.03.2020


Declarations of honour

Declaration of honour for legal persons - 11.04.2016

Declaration of honour for natural persons - 11.04.2016


List of professional activities and mandates performed by members of the management body/governing body and by conducting officers (points 105 and 107 of Circular CSSF 18/698)

Table listing the professional activities and the mandates performed - 14.01.2019


Claims registered by the professional pursuant to CSSF Regulation N° 16-07

Table listing the claims registered by the professional - 13.10.2017