Legal reporting

Semi-annual information - financial reporting:


Please refer to Circular CSSF 08/376 and Circular CSSF 08/334 on the encryption specifications for reporting firms and to the technical document relating to the transmission of table K 3.1 (only in French) for instructions relating to the information that SICARs must provide and for instructions relating to the electronic transmission of this information.


Please refer to Circular CSSF 15/627 for instructions relating to information that SICARs must provide as of 30 June 2016.


SICARs are invited to use the Excel template available for download below:

Table K 3.1

English version of table K3.1 (for information only)


Rules applicable as of 30 June 2016:   

Guidelines on the U1.1 reporting (03.06.2016) 

Guidelines on the U1.1 reporting - Final version track changes (03.06.2016)

XML Schemes U1.1

U1.1 Rules and Definition 


U 1.1 reporting life cycle
U 1.1 reporting naming convention


Identifiers of UCI/SIF/SICAR

The following file lists the UCI and SICAR identifiers to be used for the periodic reporting: