Authorisation of a new UCITS or conversion of a fund into a UCITS not yet registered on the official list

Application questionnaire to set up a UCITS - 06.09.2017 

UCITS Specific Sub-Fund Investment Policy Questionnaire - 01.09.2014 


Authorisation of additional sub-funds for UCITS which are already authorised

Application questionnaire for additional sub-fund(s)  - 27.04.2017

Specific Investment Policy Questionnaire for additional sub-funds of an existing UCITS - 04.09.2014 


Declarations of honour

Declaration of honour for legal persons - 11.04.2016

Declaration of honour for natural persons - 11.04.2016



Self-assessment confirmation on exclusive professional investor status under PRIIPs Regulation - 06.07.2017 

Application for approval as administration of a UCI - 10.04.2017

Application in case of outsourcing of administration tasks for UCI - 10.04.2017

Unlaunched sub-funds, sub-funds waiting to be reactivated and sub-funds in liquidation  09.07.2012 (only in French)

Form for compliance with Circular CSSF 12/546 - 12.03.2013

Financial Index Eligibility Table - 10.06.2014

UCITS leverage questionnaire - 08.03.2017


Claims registered by the professional pursuant to CSSF Regulation N° 16-07

Table listing the claims registered by the professional - 13.10.2017 (only in French)


Circular CSSF 02/77: NAV calculation errors and non-compliance with the investment rules

Notification form - 01.02.2017 

Additional explanations  - 03.01.2017 (only in French)