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Commission Regulation (EU) No 583/2010 of 1 July 2010

implementing Directive 2009/65/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards key investor information and conditions to be met when providing key investor information or the prospectus in a durable medium other than paper or by means of a website

This regulation specifies the content of the information to be provided on investment objectives and the investment policy of UCITS so that investors can easily see whether or not a fund is likely to be suitable for their needs. It lays down detailed rules on the presentation of the risk and reward profile of the investment, by requiring use of a synthetic indicator and specifying the content of narrative explanations of the indicator itself and risks which are not captured by the indicator, but which may have a material impact on the risk and reward profile of the UCITS. The regulation also specifies the common format for the presentation and explanation of charges, including relevant warnings, so that investors are appropriately informed about the charges they will have to incur and their proportion to the amount of capital actually invested into the fund.