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Warning regarding the activities of an entity named PtBanc

20 September 2018


Law of 10 August 2018 (only in French)

amending: 1° the Code of Criminal Procedure; 2° the Law of 7 March 1980 on the organisation of the judicial system, as amended; 3° the Law of 12 November 2004 on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, as amended; 4° the Law of 25 March 2015 determining the salaries and the advancement conditions and rules for civil servants for the purpose of organising the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)


Warning regarding the activities of an entity named Brokerhouse Prime

11 September 2018


Global situation of undertakings for collective investment at the end of July 2018 (only in French)

18/30 - 7 September 2018


Marco Zwick sworn in by the Minister of Finance as director of the CSSF

18/29 - 4 September 2018


Annual report 2017 - PDF version

Trainee "réviseurs d'entreprises"