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Circular CSSF-CODERES 18/07

23.10.2018: Single Resolution Fund - Information request by the Single Resolution Board for the calculation of the 2019 ex-ante contribution according to Articles 4 and 14 of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/63


Circular CSSF 18/700 (only in French)

19.10.2018: Law of 13 June 2017 on payment accounts and
(1) transposing Directive 2014/92/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on the comparability of fees related to payment accounts, payment account switching and access to payment accounts with basic features, and
(2) amending the Law of 15 December 2000 on postal financial services, as amended


CSSF Newsletter n° 213 (only in French)

October 2018


Warning regarding the activities of an entity named Lux Investment Pty Ltd/Luxembourg Offshore Banking

19 October 2018


Ministerial Regulation of 16 October 2018


Profit and loss account of credit institutions as at 30 June 2018 (only in French)

18/34 - 10 October 2018

Trainee "réviseurs d'entreprises"