Press release

Diploma ceremony – 2018 Examination of professional competence of réviseurs d’entreprises (statutory auditors)

Press release 19/11

Today, 14 new réviseurs d’entreprises (statutory auditors) received, on the premises of the CSSF, their diploma evidencing their success in the 2018 session of the examination of professional competence.

This diploma rewards a substantial training programme and is granted on the basis of a six-hour written examination and an individual oral test for every candidate in front of a jury appointed by the CSSF which is equally composed of audit professionals and of people not involved in the profession of réviseurs d’entreprises agréés (approved statutory auditors).

The diploma confirms the acquisition of the professional qualifications necessary to be granted the title of “réviseur d’entreprises” and to apply for authorisation in Luxembourg.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister of Finance Pierre GRAMEGNA and the Director General of the CSSF Claude MARX.

List of the 14 new réviseurs d’entreprises:

2. CANELLA Anthony
3. DE MARTINHO Elisabete Cum laude
4. DRUANT Thomas
5. DUBOIS Laurent
6. HECTOR Alexandre
7. LE BARS Antoine
8. LEFEVRE Félix
9. MENNEL Olivier Cum laude
10. PAYET Nicolas
11. TRITSCH Anne-Cécile
12. TRUBAT Romaric
13. TURPIN David
14. VALTAER Priscilia

The CSSF congratulates the candidates for achieving this important professional qualification.