Warning concerning emails sent from the addresses firstname.surname@placementseurope.finance and firstname.surname@placementeurope.com

The CSSF warns the public of unknown persons who contact without solicitation potential investors and present themselves under the name “Fisher Investments Luxembourg” or “Fisher Investments Europe”. These persons offer investment services including, in particular, a savings account described as a “secured savings account with a guaranteed return of between 3.99% and 5.30%” (Livret sécurisé avec un rendement de 3,99% à 5,30% garanti). To this end, they misuse the name of the Luxembourg company Fisher Investments Luxembourg and send emails using the address format firstname.surname@placementseurope.finance and firstname.surname@placementeurope.com.

The CSSF would like to specify that the investment firm Fisher Investments Luxembourg, duly authorised in Luxembourg and subject to the CSSF’s supervision, is not related in any way to the facts referred to in this warning.