Over-indebtedness is the financial situation of a person or a family that is characterised by a sustained excess of the expenses compared to the income and which often leads to further debt, worsening the situation.


There are often several causes for over-indebtedness: cumulation of various forms of loans (consumer credit, credit cards, mortgage), accumulation of late payments of invoices, decrease in income following a job loss, divorce or illness, increase in expenses due to expanding family. To avoid a situation of over-indebtedness and to better manage expenses, it strongly recommended to set a budget and to be aware of one’s debt ratio. Calculation tools are available on the website of the Ligue Médico-Sociale (only in French). General information on over-indebtedness is available in French on the website Inter-Actions Développement & Action Sociale.


In Luxembourg, the Family and Inclusion Ministry is responsible for over-indebtedness. A brochure is available in French "Surendettement? Qui contacter?" (overindebtedness – who to contact ?) about the information and counselling services dealing with indebtedness.



Useful documents

Law of 8 January 2013 on over-indebtedness (only in French)

Ministry of Family Affairs, Integra-

tion and the Greater Region

Surendettement D'avoir vos finances en main (only in French)

Ligue Médico-Sociale

Éviter le surendettement (only in French)

Useful links

Ligue Médico-Sociale (only in French and German)

Inter-Actions Développement & Action Sociale (only in French)