Account research

The CSSF intervened with the ABBL to try to change the banks’ attitude towards heirs who search for an account of a deceased person.


When a relationship with the deceased existed, the banks did not have any problem for sending a positive reply to the beneficiary. However, some banks considered that they were not supposed to answer such requests when they had no relation with the deceased.


In the absence of an answer from the bank, the person searching for an account did not understand why the bank failed to reply to her/his request and often sent a complaint concerning the lack of cooperation by this bank to the CSSF.


The CSSF made the ABBL aware of this problem and the latter recommended its members, after having made the required verification, to provide an answer to persons looking for accounts in the name of a deceased person even if the deceased did not hold an account with them. The ABBL pointed out that in case an account of the deceased did not exist, the bank would not breach the professional secrecy obligation by providing an answer to the heir.