Covid-19 communiqués

2 April 2020: Postponement of the reporting under Article 37 of the Money Market Funds Regulation

27 March 2020: Disclosure of information by issuers of securities under the Transparency Law

26 March 2020: Procedure for complaint handling

25 March 2020: Long form reports

23 March 2020: Regulatory reporting

22 March 2020: Immediate review of current organisational setups

20 March 2020: ESMA clarifies position on call taping under MiFID II

20 March 2020: Update of the FAQ on the Swing Pricing Mechanism

16 March 2020: Certificate which proves the need to cross the border for cross-border workers living in Germany

12 March 2020: The CSSF takes its responsibility in the context of Coronavirus

2 March 2020: Clarification from the CSSF regarding the conduct to adopt by supervised entities