Declarations of honour:

Declaration of honour for legal persons - 11.04.2016

Declaration of honour for natural persons - less significant institutions - 11.04.2016

Fit and proper declaration for natural persons - significant institutions - 08.12.2017


Forms for the free provision of services/establishment of a branch ("European passport")

Notification of free provision of services by a credit institution - 17.11.2014

Notification for branch establishment by a credit institution - 09.12.2014

Notification for planned termination of the operation of a branch - 26.10.2017

Form for the tied agent passport notification and change of tied agent particulars notification - 08.06.2018

Form for the cessation of the use of a tied agent established in another Member State - 08.06.2018



Application for approval as central administration of a UCI - 10.04.2017

Application for administrative authorisation to act as UCI depositary - 27.09.2017

Application in case of outsourcing of administration tasks for UCI - 10.04.2017

Application in case of outsourcing of UCI depositary tasks - 13.07.2017


Appointment of key function holders according to Circular CSSF 12/552

Prudential appointment procedure of key function holders in credit institutions - 30.06.2017 (only in French) 


Claims registered by the professional pursuant to CSSF Regulation N° 16-07

Table listing the claims registered by the professional - 13.10.2017 (only in French)


Circular CSSF 15/622: Higher ratio notification procedure applicable to remuneration policy according to Article 94(1)(g)(ii) of Directive 2013/36/EU (“CRD IV”) following its transposition into Luxembourg law via Article 19(7°)(g) of the Law of 23 July 2015 (the “Law”)

Notification form - Higher ratio procedure - 21.10.2015 


Annex to the circular letter of 16 February 2016 on the declaration of membership of the "Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg (FGDL)"

Declaration of membership of the "Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg (FGDL)"


Annex to the circular letter of 5 August 2016 on the declaration of membership of the "Système d'Indemnisation des Investisseurs Luxembourg (SIIL)"

Declaration of membership of the "Système d'Indemnisation des Investisseurs Luxembourg (SIIL)"


Major incident reporting under Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (Circular CSSF 18/704)

Major incident reporting - 19.12.2018


Application form to request an exemption from obligation to set-up the contingency mechanism under Article 33(6) of Regulation (EU) 2018/389 (RTS on SCA and CSC)

Exemption request - 04.04.2019


Circular CSSF 19/716: Application form for the provision of investment services by a third-country firm on the basis of the “third-country” national regime

Application form - 12.04.2019