2014 local impact studies concerning the leverage ratio

Reporting templates:

EBA Basel III Leverage Ratio monitoring template (v.3-0-1)

EBA Basel III Leverage Ratio monitoring questionnaire


Reference documents of the European Banking Authority (EBA) and Basel Committee on Banking Supervision:

Basel III monitoring instructions (February 2015)

Basel III monitoring FAQ (February 2015)

Instructions for the EU-specific template: Income & balance sheet evolution


For the purposes of the transmission to the CSSF, please use the secured transmission channels (Sofie or E-File) and observe the following naming convention: OTHREP-Bnnnn-LEV-YYYY-MM-vvvv.xls or OTHREP-Bnnnn-LEV-YYYY-MM-vvvv.xlsx.


The sequence "nnnn" shall be replaced by the four-digit identification number of your institution and "YYYY-MM-vvvv" shall be adapted by replacing "YYYY" ["MM"] by the reference year [month] of the data used in the impact studies and "vvvv" by the four-digit file version.