2014 local impact studies concerning MREL/TLAC calculation

Reporting templates:

EU-specific MREL TLAC template (v.3-0-1)


Reference documents of the European Banking Authority (EBA) and Financial Stability Board

Instructions for EU-specific MREL / TLAC monitoring exercise

Adequacy of loss-absorbing capacity of global systemically important banks in resolution


For the purposes of the transmission to the CSSF, please use the secured transmission channels (Sofie or E-File) and observe the following naming convention: OTHREP-Bnnnn-TLA-2014-12-vvvv.xls or OTHREP-Bnnnn-TLA-2014-12-vvvv.xlsx


The sequence "nnnn" shall be replaced by the four-digit identification number of your institution and "vvvv" by the four-digit file version.