Circular IML 91/75 (as amended by Circulars CSSF 05/177 and CSSF 18/697)

21.01.1991: Revision and remodelling of the rules to which Luxembourg undertakings governed by the Law of 30 March 1988 on undertakings for collective investment ("UCI") are subject

This significant circular (16 chapters) replaced all the previous circulars and supplemented the law of 30 March 1988 relating to UCIs (replaced by the 2002 Law which was replaced by the 2010 UCI Law). Although this circular refers to the 1988 Law, it is still important as the rules and information included therein may be applied by analogy to the UCIs subject to the 2010 UCI Law.


This circular was amended by Circulars CSSF 05/177 and CSSF 18/697.

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