European documentation

ESMA Guidelines on risk factors under the Prospectus Regulation - 1 October 2019 - ESMA31-62-1293


Questions and Answers - Prospectus Regulation - 2nd version - 12 July 2019 - ESMA/2019/ESMA31-62-1258


ESMA Guidelines on Alternative Performance Measures - The guidelines set out the principles that issuers and persons responsible for prospectuses should follow when presenting APMs in regulated information and prospectuses and address their labelling, calculation, presentation and comparability. These guidelines are applicable as of 3rd July 2016. (ESMA/2015/1415)


Languages accepted for the purpose of the scrutiny of the Prospectus and requirements of translation of the Summary - ESMA/2014/342


ESMA update of the CESR recommendations on the consistent implementation of Commission Regulation (EC) No 809/2004 implementing the Prospectus Directive - 20 March 2013 - ESMA/2013/319


Public statement - ESMA statement on Israeli laws and regulations on prospectuses - ESMA/2011/37 


Public statement - Framework for third country prospectuses under Article 20 of the Prospectus Directive - ESMA/2011/36 


CESR Statement of 17 December 2008 - Assessment on the Equivalence of Prospectuses from non-EEA Jurisdictions (Article 20.1 Prospectus Directive CESR / 08-972)