Forms introduced by Circular CSSF 19/724

Before filling in the form and in order to avoid saving, calculation and layout issues, please:
1) save the blank form on your hard disk (right click and save the file)
2) run a recent version of Acrobat Reader (XI, DC) or Acrobat Pro
3) open the form via the Acrobat Reader menu (File - Open)


Entry Form (October 2019)

Notification Request Form (August 2012)

Filing Form (January 2016)

Final Terms Filing Form (March 2016) 

Useful document

Circular CSSF 19/724: Technical specifications regarding the submission to the CSSF of documents under Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 and the Law of 16 July 2019 on prospectuses for securities and general overview of the regulatory framework on prospectuses