Companies specialised in the dissemination of regulated information

In accordance with question 10 of the FAQs on the Transparency Law and the Grand-ducal transparency regulation, the CSSF publishes below the name of the companies that have contacted the CSSF and that have indicated dissemination channels which comply with the criteria set out in that FAQ and which fulfil article 13(2) of the Grand-ducal transparency regulation.

  • Actusnews

  • Business Wire
  • EQS Group AG 
  • La Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg, S.A.
  • West UC Limited

  • PR Newswire

  • pressetext Nachrichtenagentur GmbH

  • Tensid S.A.





If the specialised company is a regulated market, the issuer issuing only securities admitted to trading on this market automatically fulfils its obligations relating to effective dissemination when it transmits its regulated information for publication to this company.


It is for each issuer to verify whether the specialised company contacted disseminates its regulated information to the regulated markets on which its securities are admitted to trading, or, as the case may be, it must make this transmission itself (cf. second condition of question 10 referred to above).


The issuer must ensure to comply with all obligations that may be applicable pursuant to other (foreign) legislations.


The list above is not exhaustive and does not preclude that other entities that are not registered on this list could also fulfil those criteria or that the issuer could meet them directly itself.