Formulaires (uniquement en anglais)

EMIR Questionnaire (only for investment vehicles and managers of investment vehicles)


Notifications by financial counterparties and non-financial counterparties exceeding or ceasing to exceed the clearing threshold:

Notification by financial counterparties and non-financial counterparties to the CSSF that are exceeding or ceasing to exceed the clearing threshold 


Notifications/applications for intragroup exemptions:

Intragroup exemption from the clearing obligation 

Intragroup exemption from the exchange of collateral

Intragroup exemption from the reporting obligation (email to:


Notifications by financial counterparties:

Notification for reporting disputes between counterparties


Notifications by non-financial counterparties: 

Communication by a non-financial counterparty below the clearing threshold 


Non-financial counterparties established in Luxembourg that exceed the clearing threshold and those that are no longer exceeding the clearing threshold are also required to notify ESMA. Templates for the notification to ESMA are available at:


For NFCs which are entities of a group, attention is drawn to the following clarifications provided in the ESMA Q&A (OTC Q.2 (c)): “For each Member State in which the group has legal entities which trade OTC derivatives, a notification should be submitted to the NCA once the group has exceeded the threshold. This notification must include, among other things, the names of all NFC group legal entities within that Member State which trade OTC derivatives. (The group should also submit a single notification to ESMA, listing all of the NFC group legal entities within the EU which trade OTC derivatives)”.


Thus please include only the counterparties established in Luxembourg in the notification to the CSSF.