The Madoff case

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) informs that the following undertakings for collective investment (UCIs), respectively UCI sub-funds of Luxembourg law which were impacted directly or indirectly by the case linked to Bernard L. Madoff, decided to suspend the calculation of their net asset value as well as redemptions, subscriptions and conversions of units/shares:

  • Herald (Lux)
    • Sub-fund US Absolute Return Fund
  • Luxembourg Investment Fund
    • Sub-fund U.S. Equity Plus
  • Luxalpha Sicav
    • Sub-fund American Selection
  • Norvest
    • Sub-fund Arbitrage
  • Global Fund Selection Sicav
    • Sub-fund Balanced Sub-fund
    • Sub-fund Growth Sub-fund
    • Sub-fund X-tra Alternative Investments Sub-fund
  • Carat (Lux) Sicav
    • Sub-fund Global One
  • LRI Invest Alpha Stable €
  • BG Umbrella Fund
    • Sub-fund BG Global Classic
    • Sub-fund BG Global Dynamic
    • Sub-fund BG Global Challenge
    • Sub-fund BG Global Balance
    • Sub-fund BG Global Discovery
    • Sub-fund BG Stable Value
  • M.A.R.S. Fund
    • Sub-fund One (c)
  • Pareturn
    • Sub-fund Best Selection

The CSSF would like to state that, according to the information at its disposal, the above UCIs are currently exposed up to EUR 1.7 billion.