Administrative penalty of 21 September 2023

Administrative penalty imposed on the investment firm Fuchs & Associés Finance S.A. (in liquidation)

Voluntary dry run exercise for the collection of the registers of information required by DORA

Under the Digital Operation Resilience Act (DORA) and starting from 2025, financial entities will have to maintain registers of information regarding their use of ICT third-party service providers. In this context, the CSSF would like to draw the attention to the announcement by the European…

Russia/Ukraine: Article 5r (833/2014)

Reporting template & FAQ
Following the introduction of  Article 5r in the Council Regulation (EU) No 833/2014 of 31 July 2014, the European Commission has published FAQs and the reporting template to be used. The information is also available on the website of the Ministry…

Administrative sanction of 13 February 2024

Administrative sanction imposed on the investment fund manager M7 Portuguese Active Fund General Partner S.à r.l.

Critical vulnerability on Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS (CVE-2024-3400)

The CSSF has been made aware of a recent critical vulnerability: a command injection vulnerability in the GlobalProtect feature of Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS software, referred to as CVE-2024-3400. This vulnerability can allow an unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code with root privileges on the…

Administrative sanction of 14 December 2023

Administrative sanction imposed on a réviseur d’entreprises agréé (approved statutory auditor)

Direct transmission of procedures to the CSSF

In 2023, the CSSF officially introduced new means of communication with professionals in the financial sector: eDesk, Api (S3), etc. In order to ease the completion and submission of your procedures, you can perform them either: Via our eDesk Portal: a form allows you to…

Administrative sanction of 19 February 2024

Administrative sanction imposed on TALABOT INVESTMENTS LLP

Administrative penalty of 22 February 2024

Administrative penalty imposed on the payment institution Sogexia S.A.

Suspension of payments of OPPORTUNITE LUXEMBOURG S.A. – Activation of the Luxembourg Investor Compensation Scheme (SIIL)

Press release 24/11
On 28 March 2024, the Luxembourg Tribunal d’arrondissement de et à Luxembourg (Luxembourg District Court) dealing with commercial matters, decided by a judgment to admit OPPORTUNITE LUXEMBOURG S.A. to the benefit of the payment suspension procedure, following a request of the CSSF…

Warning issued by the French authority (AMF) regarding fraudulent press advertisements proposing investments in car parks with electric charging points

The CSSF would like to relay the warning of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) concerning fraudulent press advertisements proposing investments in car parks with electric charging points, as individuals in Luxembourg are also affected.

Circular CSSF 24/856 (only in French)

on investor protection in case of NAV calculation errors, non-compliance with investment rules and other types of errors at UCI level”

CSSF Regulation No 24-03 of 28 March 2024 (only in French)

on the setting of the countercyclical buffer rate for the second quarter of 2024

The CSSF publishes the reform of Circular CSSF 02/77 on NAV calculation errors and investment breaches

Considering the CSSF’s important mandate of investor protection and in view of the regulatory developments since 2002, the developments of the supervisory practices of the CSSF and the market evolution with regard to the activities of undertakings for collective investment (UCI), the Commission de Surveillance…

Suspension of payments: OPPORTUNITE LUXEMBOURG S.A. – Appointment of an administrator

Press release 24/10
In accordance with Article 122 of the Law of 18 December 2015 on the failure of credit institutions and certain investment firms, the Tribunal d’arrondissement de et à Luxembourg (Luxembourg District Court) dealing with commercial matters, decided, by a judgment of 28…

Global situation of undertakings for collective investment at the end of February 2024

Press release 24/09
As at 29 February 2024, the total net assets of undertakings for collective investment, comprising UCIs subject to the 2010 Law, specialised investment funds and SICARs, amounted to EUR 5,393.311 billion compared to EUR 5,326.332 billion as at 31 January 2024, i.e.…

Circular CSSF-CPDI 24/40

Survey on the amount of covered deposits held on 31 March 2024

Communiqué regarding new reporting procedure for ICT-related incident reporting according to Circular CSSF 24/847

As indicated in our communiqué published on 5 January 2024 related to ICT-related incident reporting, we publish today further guidance related to the submission channels and procedure to be followed when submitting an ICT-related incident notification under Circular CSSF 24/847. We remind Supervised Entities that…

EMIR REFIT reporting goes live on 29 April 2024

The CSSF reminds all counterparties involved in derivatives transactions of the upcoming entry into force of the new EMIR REFIT reporting on 29 April 2024. In this context, the CSSF wants to draw the attention of counterparties to the following elements, with a particular emphasis on…

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

The CSSF launched today a new web page dedicated to the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) which will be applicable to no less than 20 types of financial entities as from 17 January 2025. The objective of the web page is to provide financial entities…