Press release

Reminder – Mandatory notification for UK firms in the context of Brexit

Press release 19/43

This communication follows up on press releases 19/18, 19/33 and 19/41 with respect to the mandatory notification in the context of Brexit and the opening of dedicated eDesk portals for this purpose on 2 August 2019 for a limited period of time.

It is addressed to firms authorised under CRDIV, MiFID II, PSD 2 or EMD in the UK as well as to undertakings for collective investment and their managers that currently provide financial services in Luxembourg on the basis of existing passporting rights under the relevant EU Directives and that wish to continue their activities in case the scenario of the UK leaving the EU without an agreement would materialise (“hard Brexit”).

The purpose of the press release is to remind that in order to be entitled to benefit from the transitional regime, UK firms that are planning to continue to serve existing contracts in Luxembourg under the transitional regime, need to notify the CSSF accordingly no later than 15 September 2019 by using the dedicated notification forms on the CSSF website (