Press release

Communication regarding PRIIPs assessment

Press release 19/56

This communication follows up on press release 19/39 of 29 July 2019.

The CSSF would like to inform credit institutions and investment firms incorporated under Luxembourg law and Luxembourg branches of credit institutions and investment firms having their registered office in an EU country or a third country, that a new feature is available on the eDesk Portal allowing the upload of CSV files in order to facilitate the online PRIIPs assessment exercise.

Detailed information regarding the upload of these files is available in the latest version of the PRIIPs user guide for credit institutions and investment firms (

In addition, the CSSF has decided to extend the deadline to complete this online assessment by the aforementioned entities until 31 December 2019 at the latest for PRIIPs issued, sold or advised upon between 1 January 2018 (date of application of Regulation 1286/2014) and 30 June 2019.