Warning concerning the website https://equitypowerfund.com

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”) has been informed by the board of directors of the investment company LFP I SICAV-SIF S.A. (the “SICAV-SIF”) that the investment company would not have any link to the website https://equitypowerfund.com and that the said website, and the related email adresses, would not be used by the board of directors to represent the investment company, respectively the sub-fund LFP I SICAV-SIF S.A. – The Equity Power Fund.


The CSSF adds having decided, on 3rd of July, 2019, the withdrawal of the SICAV-SIF from the official list of specialised investment funds as the SICAV-SIF did no longer comply with applicable legal requirements. In accordance with the law dated 13 February 2007 concerning specialised investment funds, the CSSF will introduce a request for judicial liquidation of the Fund with the Luxembourg State Prosecutor, once the aforementioned withdrawal decision has become final. Since the CSSF’s decision of 3 July 2019, and until the judicial liquidation, the CSSF acts as supervisory commissioner in accordance with Article 46 of the said law, which states in particular that: “The decision of the CSSF withdrawing a specialised investment fund (…) from the list [of specialised investment funds] shall, as from the notification thereof to such specialised investment fund and at its expense, until the decision has become final, ipso jure entail for such specialised investment fund suspension of any payment by said specialised investment fund, prohibition for such specialised investment fund, on pain of nullity, to take any measures other than protective measures, except with the authorisation of the supervisory commissioner.