Press release

Derogation Takeover Law: Lakestar SPAC I SE (renamed HomeToGo SE) – ISIN: LU2290523658

Press release 22/05

In the context of the acquisition of HomeToGo GmbH (“HomeToGo ”) by Lakestar SPAC I SE (“Lakestar SPAC“), the CSSF granted, on 14 March 2022, pursuant to Article 4 (5) of the Law of 19 May 2006 on takeover bids (“Takeover Law“), a derogation regarding the requirement of Article 5 (1) of the Takeover Law to launch a takeover bid for the shares of Lakestar SPAC. This derogation was granted to the persons listed here below as persons who were acting in concert in the context of the business combination and acquired temporarily the control of Lakestar SPAC as a result of their subscription of newly issued shares as at 21 September 2021 in the context of the consummation of the business combination between Lakestar SPAC and HomeToGo.

Taking into account the transparency in relation to the business combination transaction between Lakestar SPAC and HomeToGo and the related undertakings, the possibility for the Lakestar SPAC shareholders to make an informed decision as regards the business combination, in particular in the context of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Lakestar SPAC to which the business combination was submitted for approval, the possibility of an unlimited exit for the shareholders, and the temporary nature of the acting in concert between the parties identified here below, the CSSF considers that the interests of the minority shareholders of Lakestar SPAC were sufficiently protected without the application of the provisions of Article 5 (1) of the Takeover Law.

Persons to whom the derogation was granted:

  1. HTG Insight IX S.à rl.;
  2. Jeffrey Horing;
  3. DN Capital Global Venture Capital III LP;
  4. DN Capital (UK) LLP;
  5. Acton GmbH & Co. Heureka II KG;
  6. Acton Capital Partners GmbH;
  7. Wolfgang Heigl;
  8. DN Capital- Global Venture Capital IV LP;
  9. wrapall UG (haftungsbeschränkt);
  10. TruVenturo GmbH;
  11. CopperBeech GmbH;
  12. Felix Jahn Beteiligungen GmbH;
  13. G + J Invest GmbH;
  14. Kristin Harkness;
  15. Michael Grillhösl;
  16. GFC Global Founders Capital GmbH;
  17. Rocket Internet Capital Partners SCS;
  18. Rocket Internet Capital Partners (Euro) SCS;
  19. Lakestar II LP;
  21. Unison Investments Ltd;
  22. New Corange Ltd;
  23. Oxygene Inc;
  24. Perpetual Ventures GmbH & Co. KG;
  25. Elevation Capital GmbH;
  26. PVG Vacation Investments Ltd;
  27. PG HoldCo, Inc;
  28. DN Capital — GVC III General Partner Limited;
  30. Global Founders Capital GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KG Nr. 1;
  31. Mojo Digital One Co-Invest Five SCSp;
  33. June Fund 17 GmbH & Co. KG;
  34. Portman Square Private Funds SICAV-SIF-Stanhope Entrepreneurs I;
  35. Hatberg Investments Limited;
  37. Anxa Holding PTE Ltd;
  38. Winners & Co. GmbH;
  39. Inga Schwarting;
  40. Stefan Winners; and
  41. Klaus Hommels.