Publication of a new notification template for critical or important ICT outsourcing

The CSSF released a new notification template (the template) to be used as of 20 February 2023 by In-Scope Entities to notify the CSSF of critical or important ICT outsourcing arrangements in accordance with points 59 and 60 of Circular CSSF 22/806 on outsourcing arrangements.

Notification of critical or important ICT outsourcing

This template replaces the previous template (Notification for outsourcing of material IT activities). Specific attention has been paid to align the terminology and structure of the template to Circular CSSF 22/806.

The notification periods and communication channels remain unchanged by this change.

In order not to penalise In-Scope Entities that are well advanced in the preparation of a notification based on the previous template, In-Scope Entities may introduce notifications using the previous template during a transitional period until 20 March 2023. After this date only notifications received with the new template will be considered as notified in line with the instructions and forms available in accordance with point 59 of Circular CSSF 22/806.

For any questions, please liaise with your usual contact person within the CSSF.