Warning regarding fraudulent activities exercised under the name of the Luxembourg company C.B.C. GROUP S.A.

(published on 13 February 2023, updated on 16 March 2023)

The CSSF warns the public of the website https://cbcgroup-lu.com/login and of unknown persons misusing the name of the financial holding company, incorporated under Luxembourg law, C.B.C GROUP S.A. by contacting without solicitation possible investors to offer them investment products, among which, in particular, a so-called “Livret diversifié”. In doing so, they send emails with the address formats Firstname.Surname@cbcgroup-lu.net / contact@cbcgroup-lu.net.

Moreover, these persons send emails in which they misuse the signature of a CSSF agent. These emails are used by the fraudsters to try to persuade potential investors of the legitimacy of the offer.

The CSSF would like to specify that the Luxembourg company C.B.C GROUP S.A. has no link with the facts referred to in this warning.