Warning regarding the activities of entities named Co-Finance Trade Limited and criptostakevalley

(published on 5 April 2023, updated on 25 April 2023)

The CSSF warns the public of the website https://cofinancetradeltd.com/ and of emails sent by unknown person(s) with the address format support@cofinancetradeltd.com which offer investment services under the name “Co-Finance Trade Limited”, by pretending to be established at “56, Rue Charles Martel L-2134 Luxembourg”.

The CSSF also warns of the website https://criptostakevalley.com/ where unknown persons offer investment services under the name cryptostakevalley.com, by pretending to be registered in Luxembourg as a company under the name Co Finance Trade LTD and to be established at the above-mentioned address.

The CSSF informs the public that the entities presenting themselves on these websites as “Co-Finance Trade Limited” and “criptostakevalley” are unknown to it, that they are not supervised by the CSSF and that they have not been granted any authorisation to provide investment services or other financial services in or from Luxembourg.