New transmission methods for B4.5 and B4.6 national reportings

From 2 January 2024, the CSSF will allow credit institutions to transmit their national B4.5 (Analysis of shareholdings) and B4.6 (Persons responsible for certain functions and activities ) reports using two new methods:

  • A dedicated eDesk approach accessible via the eDesk Portal
  • An API solution based on the submission of a structured exchange file (json format) via the S3 protocol (“simple storage service”).

The corresponding user guide will be available on eDesk, detailing the procedures for completing, validating and submitting these B4.5 and B4.6 national reports. The former transmission channels will no longer be available.

For your information: the CSSF will gradually allow entities to submit all other European and national banking reports through these eDesk/s3 transmission methods.