Examination of professional competence for “réviseurs d’entreprises” (statutory auditors) – 2023 Session

31 new réviseurs d’entreprises (statutory auditors) received their diploma evidencing their success in the 2023 session of the examination of professional competence.

This diploma rewards a substantial training programme and is granted upon successful completion of a six-hour written examination and an individual oral test for every candidate in front of a jury appointed by the CSSF which is equally composed of audit professionals and of people not involved in the profession of réviseur d’entreprises agréé (approved statutory auditor).

It grants the possibility of obtaining the title of réviseur d’entreprises and, subsequently, the authorisation to carry out statutory audits in Luxembourg.

The ceremony took place on 20 February 2024.

List of the 31 new réviseurs d'entreprises:

  1. Walid AL ADAS
  2. Damien Tino APPASAMY
  3. Mohammad Nasroullah AULIAR
  4. Ezequiel Martin BRASCA
  5. Jérôme CARDINAUD
  6. Mohamed CHAIB
  7. Sabaratnam CHANDRASEKHRAN
  8. Vincent Emmanuel DEMATA
  9. Houssem DOM
  10. Hachem EL HUSSAINI
  11. Céline Floriane FERRI                                               Cum laude
  12. Kévin HERTZOG
  13. Anar HEYDAROV
  14. Kyle William FRASCA
  15. Fanica-Valentin IONASCU
  16. Muhammad Aamir KALIM
  17. Nuvin Sharma JOYMUNGOL
  18. Julien LAMBERT
  19. Audrey MALLET
  20. Philippe MANNOY
  21. Emmanuel MARESCHAL
  22. Jonathan Paul MEERT
  23. Mykhailo MELNYK
  24. Damila MOOTIEN
  25. Karina MEHENNI
  26. Ionela-Marcela POENARU
  27. Nader RIACHY
  28. Vanessa RINCKENS
  29. Jean-François ROLLET
  30. Maximilien SCHNEE                                                   Cum laude
  31. Yavuz TURKELI