Remuneration requirements


    The CSSF oversees compliance with the requirements regarding remuneration policies in the financial sector. The procedures and arrangements implemented by the entities with respect to remuneration form an integral element of robust internal governance arrangements which in turn help ensure that risks are managed in an efficient and durable manner. The remuneration structure, its determination processes and the policies implemented by the entities in this area are part of the sound governance arrangements of the financial sector entities, the aim of which is to avoid excessive risk-taking.

    Institutions should take into account the nature, scale and complexity of their activities when determining their remuneration policies.

    EMIs and PIs must comply with the remuneration requirements of CSSF Circular 10/437.

    EMIs and PIs must also comply with EBA Guidelines 2016/06 that specify the requirements for the design and implementation of remuneration policies and practices in relation to the offering or provision of banking products and services to consumers.