About the CSSF

This part of the Website presents a historical review of the prudential supervisory practice in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg both from an institutional and legislative point of view, as well as the current missions and powers of the CSSF, as conferred on it by law.

The sub-heading "Structure and organisation" provides information on the general organisation of the CSSF as well as the missions and the practical functioning of its departments. The CSSF organisation chart gives a clearer view of this organisational structure.

The CSSF has established committees of experts for consultative purposes, which consist of experts in the fields concerned. The members of these Committees represent the companies subject to the prudential supervision of the CSSF, professional associations representing the various segments of the financial sector as well as external auditors and legal advisers active in the financial field.

Another section explains the role of the CSSF within the scope of multilateral co-operation and international relations between supervisory authorities that have developed alongside with the internationalisation of the financial markets.

The sub-section "Corporate governance and functioning" describes how the CSSF is directed and controlled, by notably providing information of the organisation of the administration and management of the CSSF.