Press release

Introduction of a new form “Application questionnaire to setup a SIF or UCI Part II or SICAR” in order to submit an application for approval of a new SIF, UCI Part II or SICAR

Press release 17/07

The CSSF would like to inform you that the current forms “UCI-PART II / SIF Application questionnaire to set up an undertaking for collective investment” and “SICAR – Information request for authorisation” on its web site will be replaced from 15 February 2017 by a new form “Application questionnaire to set up a SIF or UCI Part II or SICAR” (in English only) to be used for submitting an application for approval to setup a SIF, UCI Part II or SICAR to the CSSF.

Similarly to the previous ones, this application form aims at collecting the full information required by the CSSF to open and examine a file for approval of a new SIF, UCI Part II or SICAR in accordance with the relevant Luxembourg laws.

The new application questionnaire is an Excel spreadsheet where all the topics to be analysed during the examination phase are compiled in different tabs, each tab offering a series of footnotes and drop-down lists to assist the applicant with accurately filling-in the required information. Applicants are advised to file the application only once all components of the project are fully available and stable. The transmission of a partial (incomplete) application may prevent either the start or the swift progress of the approval process and cause further delays.

The procedure for submitting application files by electronic means (secure channels or email at the address) is still the same, except for applications filed via email for which a nomenclature specified in the “Documents” tab of the application file must be followed to name the email and documents in attachment.

The new process is immediately applicable; nevertheless any request in preparation using the previous application form will be accepted until 15 March 2017. After this date, the use of the new application form is mandatory.