eDesk – a new service by the CSSF

Starting 15th May 2018, the CSSF launches a new online tool, named eDesk, allowing the fund industry to submit their requests via a dedicated Internet portal.

This application replaces the current email procedure for requesting residence certificates for UCITS, Part II UCIs, SIFs, SICARs, IFMs and securitisation undertakings and UCITS and AIFMD/ESMA attestations for non-EU countries.

The electronic UCITS attestation requests in French, English and German, as well as the AIFMD/ESMA attestation for non-EU countries will continue to be processed through the secured channels (e-file or SOFiE).

An eDesk request consists of different consecutive steps:

  1. Input of requester information
  2. Input of entity information
  3. Input of information on the recipient(s) of the document and reason for the request
  4. Validation of the request (including an overview of the information collected)

The online tool is available in three languages (French, English and German) and its functionalities will be developed in the future.

The documents issued in PDF include a digital signature by the CSSF based on an SSL certificate issued by the company Luxtrust – the Luxembourg certification authority for digital signatures.

The CSSF’s public certificate allows verifying the validity of the signature on the signed documents.

The eDesk tool is available at:

Note: A User Guide is available at:

Technical note: The procedure for installing the CSSF certificate in Adobe Reader may be downloaded at: