A new graphic identity for the CSSF

Discover what it reveals about the financial sector supervisory authority.

Regulation becoming more and more complex, increased expectations in terms of transparency and responsiveness, new market entrants, digitalisation, crises impacting the financial sector, etc.

In the current context, the role of the CSSF has never been more important. In order to face all these challenges and to pursue its supervisory mission with the highest level of professionalism, our Institution must evolve.

As a rigorous and solid regulatory authority, the CSSF is nonetheless open to the outside world, through its constructive dialogue with all the players in the financial centre. Its role is also to protect and educate financial consumers.

We wanted to see all these attributes embodied in our communication, through the evolution of our graphic identity. So that each one of our outreaches best reflects the state of mind of an Institution that is aware of the challenges it has to deal with and resolutely turned towards the future.

A new impetus...

The CSSF’s new logo should at best express its values: those of a forward-looking institution.

Its letters have been entirely redesigned to illustrate rigour and solidity while guaranteeing the readability of its name.

...the fruit of a collective effort

The history of the new graphic identity goes back to the design of the interior architecture of the Moonlight building, the extension of the CSSF’s headquarters. Indeed, at the start of the project, the women and men of the CSSF were able to express their vision of the “New ways of working” within the institution through interviews.

It is in the same spirit that work was carried out on the new graphic identity, which integrates the reflections of the time and those of an inter-service working group set up in this context.

An institution that combines rigour and openness

The values and missions of the CSSF are represented through an identity that reflects the solidity of the institution, the rigour of its work, its openness to the world and its ability to support professionals in the financial sector as well as to protect consumers.

A dynamic regulator at the heart of its business sector

The CSSF is a key player in the financial sector, an essential part of the Luxembourg economy. The institution’s new identity highlights visuals illustrating the dynamism of the country, suggests flows and exchanges or simply interactions between its staff.