LuxTrust: How to get a certificate to access eDesk

You need to access the CSSF eDesk Portal? Here is how to do it.

If you need to access the CSSF digital portal eDesk to carry out your dematerialised actions with the CSSF, you first need a LuxTrust certificate that allows you to identify (“who are you?”) and authenticate yourself (“how do you prove who you are?”).

In this context, we recommend that you get the LuxTrust Mobile app which can be obtained online within 24 hours.

Getting a LuxTrust certificate

You can order a LuxTrust Mobile identity via video identification by following this simple 3-step process also described on the LuxTrust website:

  1. Fill in the online form and pay with your credit card.
    Important: Memorise the activation code that you will be asked to set during the order. You will need it later to activate your LuxTrust identity.
  2. Proceed to your video identification (check if you fulfil the eligibility requirements below).
    You will first receive your VideoID code and the instructions by SMS and email. You will then have to download the LuxTrust Mobile application from App Store or Google Play and start your video identification directly in the app.
    Important: You need to complete your identification session within 15 days of your order, as the video identification request will expire after 15 days and you will no longer be able to initiate an identification session.
  3. You will receive your LuxTrust codes and may activate your identity from LuxTrust Mobile.

Before ordering, check if you fulfil the eligibility conditions!

You must:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Possess a valid and accepted ID document (preferably a passport) (
  • Have a smartphone or a tablet with operating systems higher than version 6 for Android or version 10 for iOS.

For further information, please contact the LuxTrust Support & HelpDesk:
Phone: +352 24 550 550
MO-FR from 8 am to 6 pm

Accessing eDesk

On eDesk, it is important to distinguish between users and advanced users. The latter are allowed to manage the entities that they are linked to.

Every advanced user is endorsed by the CSSF after submission via eDesk of identification documents and a signed mandate, whereas “basic” users of an entity are endorsed by their corresponding advanced user(s). Advanced users are thus autonomous and are allowed to grant access rights as well as rights for the creation and/or follow-up of requests to the eDesk Portal users within their entity without having to rely on an additional endorsement by the CSSF.

Please note that both users and advanced users will need a LuxTrust certificate in order to access the eDesk Portal. Activation of your eDesk account is done entirely online. A detailed user guide,Authentication and user account management”, explaining how to configure authentication, is available on the eDesk Portal.

For any technical questions linked to the eDesk Portal, please contact: