The CSSF publishes Circular CSSF 21/784 on the periodic prudential reporting of investment firms

Following the Communiqué of 2 September 2021 regarding the entry into force of the new regulatory provisions applicable to investment firms, the CSSF publishes Circular CSSF 21/784 on new reporting requirements applicable to investment firms.

This circular introduces the “Reporting Handbook for Investment Firms“, the purpose of which is to combine, in one single document, the details regarding the content of the periodic prudential reporting of investment firms, consisting of the new IFR reporting and the national reporting, as well as the relevant technical specifications. This Handbook will be regularly updated.

The CSSF specifies that the IFR reporting tables must be transmitted via the new module “Investment firms reporting” on the CSSF’s eDesk platform, under “Investment firms”. Professionals can access the platform via the “Toolbox” of the CSSF’s website as from 1 October 2021. For technical reasons, the CSSF informs that there might be a delay of several days between the submission by the supervised entities concerned by the IFR reporting tables with the reference period as at 30 September 2021 via this new module and the validation of their content by the CSSF.

The national reporting tables will continue to be submitted through the usual transmission mode as specified in Circular CSSF 08/334 and in compliance with the relevant encryption methods.

The CSSF reminds that the access to eDesk requires a strong authentication with a LuxTrust certificate and that each user must have such a certificate. Detailed information will be provided in the guide “Authentication and user account management” which is available on the eDesk homepage.

Any technical question related to the eDesk platform can be sent to the dedicated email address

Any question relating to the periodic prudential reporting can be sent to the dedicated email address