Press release

Derogation Takeover Law: Odyssey Acquisition S.A. (renamed BenevolentAI) – ISIN: LU2355630455

Press release 22/20

In the context of the business combination between Odyssey Acquisition S.A. (“Odyssey SPAC”) and BenevolentAI Limited (“BenevolentAI Ltd.”), the CSSF granted, on 16 August 2022, pursuant to paragraph 5 of Article 4 of the Law of 19 May 2006 on takeover bids (“Takeover Law”), a derogation regarding the requirement of paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Takeover Law to launch a takeover bid for the shares of Odyssey SPAC. This derogation was granted to the persons listed here below as persons who were acting in concert in the context of the business combination and acquired temporarily the control of Odyssey SPAC as a result of their subscription of newly issued shares as at 22 April 2022 in the context of the consummation of the business combination between Odyssey SPAC and BenevolentAI Ltd.

Taking into account the transparency in relation to the business combination transaction between Odyssey SPAC and BenevolentAI Ltd. and the related undertakings, the possibility for the Odyssey SPAC shareholders to make an informed decision as regards the business combination, in particular in the context of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Odyssey SPAC to which the business combination was submitted for approval, and the possibility of an unlimited exit for the shareholders, the CSSF considers that the interests of the minority shareholders of Odyssey SPAC were sufficiently protected without the application of the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Takeover Law.

Persons to whom the derogation was granted:

1. Odyssey Sponsor;
2. Fusione Ltd;
3. Diadochi Ltd;
4. Jean Raby;
5. Centuri, LLC;
6. MC Conseil;
7. Stéphane Zeghbib;
8. Serge Mouracade;
9. Antoine Kephalianos;
10. Michael Zaoui;
11. Yoël Zaoui;
12. Walid Chammah;
13. Andrew Gundlach;
14. Cynthia Tobiano;
15. Michel Combes;
16. Olivier Brandicourt;
17. PSAM WorldArb Master Fund Ltd.; Lumyna Specialist Funds – Event Alternative Fund; P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LP; P. Schoenfeld Asset Management GP, LLC, Peter M. Schoenfeld;
18. Sona Credit Master Fund Limited; Sunrise PartnersLimited Partnership; Sona Asset Management (UK) LLP; John B. Aylward;
19. Linden Capital L.P.; Siu Min (Joe) Wong;
20. Kenneth Mulvany; HSBC Global Custody Nominee (UK) Limited A/C 685889;
21. TLS Beta Pte Ltd.; Temasek Life Sciences Private Limited; Fullerton Management Pte
Ltd., Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited, Singapore Ministry of Finance;
22. LF Equity Income Fund; Nortrust Nominees Limited a/c WIX01;
23. Lansdowne Developed Markets Strategic Investment Master Fund Limited;
24. Schroder UK Public Private Trust PLC, Nortrust Nominees Limited A/C WIZ02;
25. Michael Brennan;
26. ACME Tools Inc; Brent Gutekunst;
27. Eli Lilly and Company;
28. Mark B. Evenstad; Mark B. Evenstad Revocable Trust;
29. Grace B. Evenstad and Howard J. Rubin; Grace B. Evenstad Qualified Terminable Interest Property Marital Trust II; Grace B. Evenstad 2018 Revocable Trust;
30. Schonfeld Strategic 460 Fund LLC;
31. H. Lundbeck A/S; Lundbeckfond Invest A/S; Lundbeckfonden;
32. Howard J. Rubin and Mark B. Evenstad; 2008 Niagra Trust 514; Greenwood Trust 514;
33. Ivan Griffin;
34. Richard Farleigh;
35. Ulf Wiinberg;
36. Jackie Hunter;
37. Peter Richardson;
38. Broad Street Principal Investments, L.L.C.; Broad Street Principal Investments Superholdco LLC; Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.;
39. Omnis Income & Growth Fund; State Street Nominees Limited a/c 34ZG; Sterling Isa Managers (Nominees) Limited;
40. Bruce Campbell;
41. Stevo Kenezevic;
42. Lisciad Limited;
43. Joanna Shields;
44. ABG-ODY-BAI Limited; ABG-WTT Global Life Sciences Capital Partners, ABG-WTT Global Life Science Capital Partners GP Limited;
45. Ally Bridge MedAlpha Master Fund LP; Ally Bridge MedAlpha Master Fund L.P.; Ally Bridge MedAlpha GP LLC; Fan Yu;
46. Bleichroeder LP; Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation, Inc.