Communication on the launch of a Standardised Model Prospectus – a new proposal to support the examination of the prospectus in attachment of an application for approval of a new UCITS

The CSSF is pleased to announce the availability of a Standardised Model Prospectus that applicants can use when submitting an application for approval of a new UCITS.

The Standardised Model Prospectus has been developed with the aim to facilitate the drafting of a conventional prospectus for a UCITS project of average complexity and to facilitate through standardisation its examination by the CSSF during the processing of the application file.

While the Model Prospectus is set up to reflect current and up-to-date practice, the content is composed of information of a universal nature and will need customisation to suit the context and circumstances of any specific fund project

The Standardised Model Prospectus provides freedom to add or alter text, however limited to the extent to not override the benefit of standardisation.

The Standardised Model Prospectus shall not be considered as a new regulatory requirement or a guarantee for the approval. The current authorisation process covering the submission of a request, the exchange of comments where relevant and the approval process of a UCITS remains unchanged as described on the webpage “Authorisation of a UCITS”.

Please visit the dedicated Standardised Model Prospectus page on the CSSF website for further information on the scope, conditions of use and practical guidance in respect to the new proposal.