Communiqué UCITS marketing notifications

Following the publication of Circular CSSF 22/810 on 12 May 2022, the CSSF informs Luxembourg UCITS wishing to notify or de-notify arrangements for marketing of shares in another Member State in accordance with Article 6 of the 2010 Law, that they must comply with the marketing notification and de-notification procedures, which will be available via the eDesk Portal as of 2 January 2024. Circular CSSF 11/509 will therefore be repealed on that date.

The eDesk Portal can be accessed at the following address: The relevant procedure is the “Cross-border Marketing Notifications Tool”, which is already available for AIFMs’ marketing notifications and de-notifications.

It will also be possible to use an API solution (S3 technology) to submit the packages for the entities concerned.

More details will be provided in December with the publication of a new version of the user guide.