Submission of the revised long form report (LFR) through the S3 solution

On 15 November 2023, the CSSF made available to the eDesk module which includes the reports in the scope of the revised long form report (LFR). The LFR has been introduced by Circulars CSSF 22/821 and CSSF 07/325.

In this context, an IT solution optimising the filling of the self-assessment questionnaire will be made available as from 3 January 2024 to in-scope entities. This API solution will allow to fill in the questionnaire through a structured file transmitted to the CSSF via S3 (“simple storage service”) protocol. This file will prefill the questionnaire available on the CSSF eDesk Portal. Before the submission, entities will still be able to manually modify and update the data prefilled through S3 directly in eDesk. The manual filling of the questionnaire through eDesk remains possible. For further details regarding the modalities on how to use this new feature, please refer to the dedicated user guide published on the eDesk module.