Warning concerning the website https://yorkcapital-eu.com/ and fraudulent activities by persons misusing the name of York Capital Management

Warning: Identity theft and illicit activities
Website used: https://yorkcapital-eu.com/
Email address used: info@yorkcapital-eu.com
Phone number used: +1 6468170522
Alleged registered office: 4 PI. de L’Europe, 1499 Neudorf-Weimershof Luxembourg
Note: An entity named YorkCapital EU is not supervised by the CSSF and it has not been granted any authorisation to provide investment services or other financial services in or from Luxembourg.

Moreover, the website is misusing the name of the entity York Capital Management.

Official contact details of the company
Company name: York Capital Management

·        Investment Adviser registered with the SEC

Note: The entity York Capital Management is not related to the fraudulent website or to the activities exercised by unknown persons.