Press release

Suspension of payments: OPPORTUNITE LUXEMBOURG S.A. – Appointment of an administrator

Press release 24/10

In accordance with Article 122 of the Law of 18 December 2015 on the failure of credit institutions and certain investment firms, the Tribunal d’arrondissement de et à Luxembourg (Luxembourg District Court) dealing with commercial matters, decided, by a judgement of 28 March 2024 to admit OPPORTUNITE LUXEMBOURG S.A. to the benefit of the payment suspension procedure, following a request from the CSSF dated 18 March 2024.

By the same judgement, Me Yann Baden, attorney-at-law (avocat à la Cour), has been appointed as administrator in order to control the management of the assets of OPPORTUNITE LUXEMBOURG S.A.

The written authorisation by the administrator is required for all actions and decisions of the institution.