New transmission method for monthly COREP-FINREP reports (ALM, LCRDA)

As announced in the press release of 5 April 2024 regarding the transmission of procedures directly to the CSSF, the methods for collecting the following monthly COREP/FINREP reports are going to change from 1 September 2024:

  • ALM – Reporting on additional monitoring metrics for liquidity
  • LCRDA – Liquidity Coverage requirements

These monthly COREP/FINREP reports will be exclusively collected through the two methods below, free of charge:

  • Submission of the XBRL file in the dedicated eDesk process
  • Automated submission of the XBRL file via API (S3 protocol)

From 1 September 2024:

  • Monthly reporting relating to the current reference period as well as all re-submissions relating to previous reference periods are concerned
  • Monthly reporting will no longer be accepted through historical external channels

A presentation of the main changes and the related schedule is available below.

A user guide detailing the submission modalities for monthly reports as well as the new naming convention will be made available during July.

We will soon communicate on the applicable deadlines for quarterly and annual reporting.

For any questions, please contact