Public consultation on the review of the investment firms’ prudential framework

The CSSF informs all investment firms and relevant stakeholders regarding the EBA and ESMA discussion paper on the revision of the investment firms’ prudential framework, published on 3 June 2024 on the EBA website1 with the aim to gather relevant stakeholder feedback. Interested stakeholders are hereby invited to submit comments to this consultation to the EBA via the dedicated consultation page2. A public hearing on the discussion paper will take place via conference call on 20 June 2024. Interested stakeholders may register by 17 June 2024 via the dedicated EBA website3. The consultation runs until 3 September 2024.

In addition, the CSSF has invited all investment firms to participate in an ad-hoc EBA data collection to dispose of sufficient and relevant quantitative information in the context of the discussion paper. The relevant instructions and templates have been attached to a circular letter sent to all investment firms on 5 June 2024 and are available on the EBA website.