MiCA (Markets in crypto-assets)

In the context of the upcoming application of the MiCA regulation, the CSSF invites entities considering a notification or submission of an authorisation file with a view to the provision of CASP services or the issuance of ART or EMT to contact it now to initiate a preliminary dialogue.

  • The targeted entities are those with concrete projects to provide services on crypto-assets (‘CASP’ license) or issue ART (asset-referenced token) or EMT (e-money token) falling under the MiCA regulation (EU) 2023/1114 entering into application on 30/6/2024 and 30/12/2024.
  • Entities supervised by the CSSF are invited to contact their usual point of contact/réviseur.
  • Entities not supervised by the CSSF may contact
  • For more information on the MiCA regulation, please visit our dedicated web page.