Electronic submission of prospectus


    Circular CSSF 19/708 of 28 January 2019 requires, since 1 February 2019, that Luxembourg Undertakings for Collective Investment as well as Specialised Investment Funds submit their prospectuses, Key Investor Information Documents and offering documents in electronic form to the CSSF.

    As from 16 December 2021, venture capital investment companies (SICARs) must submit their prospectuses/issue documents to the CSSF in electronic form via a secured system for electronic transmission accepted by the CSSF, which currently is the e-file communication platform or the Sofie communication platform. No other visa submission route will be possible in the future.

    Electronic prospectuses and offering documents receive a Visa that consists of:

    • An electronic “stamp” that is added to the first page of the prospectus. This stamp includes a Visa number, the information that the Visa may not be used as a sales argument, the date of the Visa, the issuer of the Visa, i.e. the CSSF and the scanned signature of a director of the CSSF.
    • An electronic signature of the CSSF based on an SSL certificate issued by Luxtrust. Luxtrust is the certification authority for electronic signatures in Luxembourg.

    The public certificate that allows to verify the validity of the signature of the CSSF is available for download on this page.

    Moreover a description of the electronic Visa procedure as well as instructions on the installation of the CSSF public certificate in Adobe Reader are available below.

    Furthermore, Circular CSSF 19/708 stipulates that files that are sent to the CSSF have to comply with a specific nomenclature. The file “CSSF Identifiers” provides the identification numbers of the funds and subfunds that shall be used for correct naming of the files.

    All legal and regulatory documents (including FAQs) can be found in the Regulatory framework section.

    All forms can be found in the Publication and Data section.